Only a limited number of portrait sessions and weddings are booked each month in order to provide individual attention and quality service to each client. Please contact the studio to learn more about the Venegas Studios experience and availability.

We take great pride in preserving your most precious memories.

With each passing year, so much growth happens, so much change. Milestones are celebrated, birthdays, graduations, engagements, weddings...the way we look and carry ourselves even changes. And what do you have in place to preserve these unique times in your personal history? Some would leave it up to memory alone, but we all know just how memories tend to fade and change over time, and how remembering how things were, how we used to look, how our families used to look..starts to slowly fade into the background of our minds until we can hardly recall it.

But what if you could go strait back? What if you could be instantly put back in that place just for a moment? We believe that with a Portrait, you can. But not just any Portrait, a portrait that really captures the essence of who you are, that lets your personality shine through, that let's your laughter, your joy, your love and connection with those you love shine through. There are many moments in our lives worth remembering, moments that deserve to be preserved, that deserve a place on your coffee table to be flipped through by yourself, by your children, and your grandchildren as you sit and tell them about your story, or to be up on the walls, reminding you, with smiling faces, of those you cherish most in this world. 

This is why, at Venegas Studios, we specialize in documenting those milestone moments in your lives. Because we believe that everyone should have access to preserving their special memories in an artful and beautiful way that will stay with them for a lifetime. This is the story of your life, a life that deserves to be documented, stories that beg to be told.

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