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celebrating life, preserving your most special moments, and bringing the world closer together by creating a place for stories to be remembered and shared. 


Venegas Studios - Tells your story one moment at a time.

When you look at a photo, you should feel something. The emotion of that one moment, frozen in time. The excitement, the joy, the laughter... those special places in time that you want to hold onto forever.

Venegas Studios inspires through images as they capture the richness of beauty, love, and emotion. 
Our memories tend to fade and change over time, but our beautifully crafted  will capture your moments in a way that will send you right back to the day when ever you look at them. 


Amanda Wells Venegas and Manuel Venegas, Wife and Husband duo,  founded Venegas Studios in October of 2014.

Amanda is Lead Photographer at Venegas Studios and currently works with our clients in the design process as we plan and execute our shoots, and in the ordering process when our clients choose how they will display and use their photographs. 

Manuel Venegas is our Operations Manager. He makes sure we run a tight ship and that everything keeps moving down the line as it should be!

Together, with our network of Second Shooters and Assistants, we are Venegas Studios!

Amanda Wells Venegas - Creative Director, Lead Photographer

Amanda Wells Venegas - Creative Director, Lead Photographer

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Hand picked "Featured Artist" by RAW 2014

Member of the Professional Photographers of America

Amanda Wells Venegas is an Award Winning Portrait and Wedding photographer living in Central Texas

Why photography?

To quote Oprah, lol “I believe that in life we have to do whatever it is that makes us feel like the best and most truthful version of ourselves.” For me, I feel most like myself when I'm telling stories, capturing real moments, and creating art from the emotion that I encounter. When I take a photograph, it forces me to be completely in the moment, and to really see the beauty in the world, and if it's not obvious, I have to find it. That in and of itself is a lovely practice. I also like to be out in the action, scouting out locations, and taking my clients on small adventures in their photo shoots. I’m always trying new things. Photography keeps me on my toes, and there's always something to learn - I love that! No matter how deep I get in this field, there is always room for improvement and a chance to take creativity and technique to the next level. Photography has opened so many doors for me, I’m so glad I chose this path! I’ve had to the opportunity to work with so many other talented artists and hundreds of couples, families, and individuals. It’s been my honor to help so many people preserve their personal history and help them remember such special moments in their lives.


Nature is one of my main inspirations. I LOVE being outside! You can probably already tell as many of my photos are in a natural setting: a lush green field, a sparkling, running stream, a melon colored sky, fresh flowers... People inspire me. There's such beauty in how many expressions and emotions a single person can give or experience. I'm inspired by the interaction I see from couples in love and families as they play together. I'm inspired by those in-between moments when you see someone's true self peak out for just a moment and you see the light in their eyes. Witnessing love and getting to work with such amazing families, couples, and people at their different stages of life inspires me and keeps me tearing up just a little bit behind the camera at just about every wedding I shoot. haha. I'm inspired by the beauty that I find in people when I have my camera pointed at them, and it's my goal to capture that essence and give it back to them.. to capture them at their truest, most beautiful selves.


Behind the camera: a bit about me ;)

My Name is Amanda.

I enjoy writing poetry. I love to sing. I love to create images that tell a story and preserve history.

I prefer tea over coffee, good food, making plants grow, and mixing it up.

Natural habitat: Bookstores, creating in my studio, spending time with family and close friends, time at the spa or outdoors, craft stores

I love brunch, beauty, the smell of a good bookstore. And most of all, I love to share stories!

I believe that every person is unique, and has their own story to be told. It's my joy to walk that journey with you for a little while, and then to tell your story in my own way.

- Amanda



Amanda is currently living in San Antonio, TX where she shares a home with her husband, her cat, 2 puppers, and enjoys living in close proximity to her extended family, whom she often spends time with.

Email us today at: ;)

San Antonio, Austin, and the surrounding areas. Available for travel.

All images in this template are used with permission from the photographers Amanda Wells and Manuel Venegas.


Amanda and Manuel - Everyday is a new adventure!

Manuel Venegas - Operations Manager

What are people saying about Venegas Studios?

"Looking for a professional photographer? Try Venegas Studios. Amanda is very talented in what she does and can create a masterpiece for you!"


"Venegas Studios did a wonderful job capturing the beautiful moments of the most important day of my life. I'm very happy with the results of their job and I do recommend them to all!"


"AMAZING! I truly recommend Venegas Studios. Amanda recently did my engagement pictures in Austin TX and she was super fun while doing it; the setting was perfect and the edits even better. She knew how to make each picture! Overall a great experience :)"

-Lily and Roger

"Had a lot of fun doing this shoot! I would do it again in a heartbeat!"


"Thank you so much Amanda and Manuel! You guys where awesome, creative, and knew what you were doing. Thanks for an awesome time and for making me smile!"


"I want to say thank you so much for doing our pregnancy announcement shoot. The pictures came out so amazing and everyone loved all of them. It was so hard to choose one and we have already made a collage of them for the nursery. Thanks so much Amanda!"

-Shayna and Gary